Lisa Bailey, Title: Broker, Phone: 386-265-7063, Email: [email protected]


Joseph Bailey, Title: Co-Broker, Phone: 386-265-2126, Email: [email protected]


Ben Ferrazzano, Title: Sales Professional TOP PERFORMER, Phone: 401-447-6985, Email: [email protected]


Kildred K. Altoro, Title: Administration/ Sales Professional/Habla Español, Phone: 407-271-1033, Email: [email protected]


Charlene Albrecht, Title: Sale Agent, Phone: 602-363-8741


Kendra Scott, Title: Sales Professional, Phone: 904-599-4587, Email: [email protected]







Latitude 29 Homes is licensed through the DMV and not the Department of Real Estate as we only sell mobile homes on leased land. 

Agents who are licensed Realtors might be under our sibling company, Atlantic Realty, but it is not a requirement.  We only mention the credential in the contact information to advise the consumer of advanced skill.  Any real estate transaction will be with their individual Broker and not Latitude 29 Homes. 

Count on us to help you

Latitude 29 homes is owned and operated by Florida Realtors. These purchases are treated like chattel or auto. We believe that is a disservice to the customer, which is why we ensure that every transaction is treated as if you were purchasing or selling real land property.

Who We Are

Latitude 29 Homes is owned and operated by Florida Licensed Realtors.

Why Choose Us

Well-Versed Staff

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in selling homes.

Honest Approach

At Latitude 29 Homes, we are big on disclosure and integrity. Our team will give you the information you need about the entire condition of the house.

Great Customer Service

Whether it is marketing, title verification, or closing for title transfer, we work as a team to make sure things are done properly. We even have a 5-day due diligence period.


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